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Modular homes are expertly constructed homes, created off-site by people who specialize in crafting each part of your home - from floors to walls and ceilings. Modular built homes use the most efficient process to create the least amount of waste, saving you money. Ask about customized options to guarantee that your house feels like home

Enjoy great pricing.

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Modular homes are more customizable than manufactured homes. You also are allowed more finish options for each model, therefore creating something unique for your family's needs.

Why choose modular?

Modular houses are built more efficiently than conventional homes.  When you use on-site labor, it costs more to contract individual labor, but by buying modular, you have upfront pricing. In addition, modular home builders can buy items in bulk, which keeps costs down. In addition, modular pieces are constructed in a climate controlled environment, meaning  you can move in faster without the hassle of weather dela

Choose a home built with less waste.

Choose a modular to get a great home for the best price. Schedule your FREE consultation today!